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06/03/2004: "StreetCam Travel Video."

We going to show video on our stream cam of some of the interesting places we have been. A Sked.will be posted on what and when later. Some of the places we will be showing are, Pacific Coast highway in California, Travel to Florida. I plan on making a video of the streets of Cedar Rapids in the near future and a trip to Asylumcam. We will be doing a lot of taping at the haunted Asylum and showing it here.


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Hi... I am Patrick Conner.. I am located in Muncie Indiana... I currently have 10 live cams all the time and they are FREE and you can turn on my lights, and everything remotely. Can you please or would you please link me on your pages please.. I can do the same for you if you wish..

Patrick Conner


Thanks alot....

Patrick Conner said @ 09/02/2004 09:34 PM PDT

Hi Ross.

I had a Email on my site but it got trashed with Spam so had to kill it. Thanks for stoping by.. I like your sit and have added a link to it. Have a good one.


Lew said @ 07/13/2004 05:35 AM PDT

hi we have a mobile cam in Floirda we would like to exchange links with you but could not find a email on your site... but we love your site and we can see you out side on that chair looks like your relaxing...? thanks Ross from

Ross said @ 07/02/2004 12:49 PM PDT

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