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11/14/2004: "Ghost Cam"

The basement cam has been a area of unexplained noise and item’s being moved around. This all stared after a 4 day stay at Asylumcam in Missouri. If you see any activity, please post it here. I hope to have a forum up soon to post images on.


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Hello rebecca. The link to the Clown is ghost Cam on this site. or

thanks for stoping by.


Lew said @ 01/15/2005 06:57 AM PDT

I'm new to your site. what cam are they talking about where the clown is?

rebecca said @ 01/12/2005 02:55 PM PDT

ok cool Lew will b watching.

terri said @ 12/22/2004 04:29 PM PDT


Good idea on pointing the cam at the computer. I will do that tonight. Hope you can watch.

Lew said @ 12/22/2004 06:48 AM PDT

Lew? why don't you point the camera at the computer in the basement?

Terri said @ 12/20/2004 11:05 AM PDT

I'm going to check with Doc to see if he has a member login with Danelle.

The Clown, yes I have noticed the foot extending out from time to time. The thing is starting to give me the creeps. If I ever catch him swinging arownd for no reason he is history

Lew said @ 12/20/2004 05:59 AM PDT

Yes that is strange. I however just saw the clowns foot was strait one min, and slightly extended out the I seeing things or has anyone else seen it (tonight)

Sara said @ 12/19/2004 06:52 PM PDT

That is very strange about "danelle". Has she posted anything on Asylumcam.?

Mitzy said @ 12/18/2004 06:40 PM PDT

I have another unexplained situation. When I go to AsylumCam to login and type the first letter of my account “D ” the auto complete gives me 2 options. My login ID and another name “ danelle “ Now first off, no one in this house has an account with AsylumCam except me. My wife sez she has never used the login “ danelle ‘ for any account so it can’t be from any of her account’s. Now here is the kicker. When I login on any of the 3 other computer’s in the house, that name is never offered. It’s only on the basement computer I get the optional login of “ danelle “. This is very strange…


Lew said @ 12/18/2004 12:40 PM PDT


I agree with your husband. I have noted just walking close by the Clown will cause some movement. As far as an air vent their is none close to Jason. I have to say he gives me the creeps sometimes. The computer and cam is in front of him so when I'm using that computer or resetting the cam when it stops for what ever reason I have turned around a look at him and he will be moving ever so slightly said to side.


Lew said @ 12/16/2004 12:33 PM PDT

So you may have brought something home with you from Doc's...? They must have really liked you/your family. My husband thinks that air from a vent is what is making the clown move. We just don't see it due to the refreshes...he says if you hang anything on a string a breeze will move it, even slightly...but to me it seems only the right leg is moving. Happy Holidays to you also!

Michelle said @ 12/16/2004 08:08 AM PDT

Hi Michelle.

We bought this house in 1970. It is the original house in this area, built sometime in the 40's. As far as I know it's never had any Paranormal activity until lastly. This all started after a 4 day visit at Asylumcam. All this activity the clown moving around is bit much. I really don't believe it's moving on it's own. I saw the cap's of it swinging but I would like to thing their is a good reason for this. If I thought it was kicking around under it's own ability it would be in the next trash pick up by the city, :) Thanks for watching. Keep posting. Happy Holidays.


Lew said @ 12/15/2004 07:00 AM PDT

Lew, what is the history of your home? I've noticed the right foot of the clown move up and down as if the knee is bending and that was creepy...saw the pic where your cat knocked over your Beetlejuice doll...that was a good pic..scary, but good.

Michelle said @ 12/14/2004 08:42 PM PDT

Anyone catch the orb on the white beam that goes accross the roof?

Ghost Hunter said @ 12/11/2004 02:12 PM PDT

For no obvious reason your clown changed positions. Very spooky.

Jay said @ 12/11/2004 09:43 AM PDT

No fan is running. So if you saw the clown swinging, it was from some other source. Keep watching and try to cap it.


Lew said @ 11/25/2004 05:33 AM PDT

It looks like the Clown in the swing is moving. Do you have a fan running that might be causing it to move?

Ghost Hunter said @ 11/24/2004 09:18 AM PDT

I don't know what it is but something long and black that stands on end keeps moving from place to place. That is a very creepy room.

Larry said @ 11/16/2004 09:06 AM PDT

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