Stupid, Stupid people.
Last Saturday I stopped at a service station that I have traded at in the past, to fill the car for a trip. As I was pumping Gas I noticed a employee standing about 10 to 15 feet from me smoking a cigarette. She was talking to a guy and was nervously and constantly flipping her cigarette, each time causing fire to flying around. Now anyone with an IQ of over 6 should know that gas fumes can travel several feet and will ignite if they come in contact with fire and flash to the sorce of the fumes in this case the gas pump. Needless to say, this was making me very nervous. In fact I stopped pumping gas. I went inside to pay and in the process I told the attendant of my concerns. She said it would hurt anything to smoke out there and that some of the customers smoke while they gas up. I made no reply as I could see this was falling on the ears of a very stupid person. If this practice continues, and I'm sure it will, there will be a serious accident at this station.... Stupid is stupid does.
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